AVIwear, Inc. Launches Crowd Funding Campaign For Eyewear Optical System

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Las Vegas based AVIwear, Inc. (www.aviwear.com) joined the number of many startup companies raising funds and building brand awareness through crowd funding. Today they launched a $106,500 campaign on Indiegogo (http://igg.me/AVIO) to fund the first production run of their AVIO wearable technology eyewear. It is the first eye wear optical system to have a patent pending interchangeable modular designed system that becomes an extension of your smart phone.

AVIO stands for Audio Video Input Output.  AVIO not only records video and takes photos similar to a Go Pro eyewear glasses in the form factor shape of the glasses but has many superior, additional features. AVIO also has over 26 unique functions and features. They  include making phone calls, streaming music, the use of voice controls thru SIRI and Voice Command, and recording live, broadcasted video streaming. It enables you to use the streaming method of your choice in real time to be viewed by friends and family on social media, and much more!

AVIO’s use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity thru your smart phone and become an extension of your phone versus just another standalone device.